Transformation Training

Growth only comes through challenge, and it is so hard for people to achieve what they want on their own.

Our mission is to develop stronger, more mobile, agile and resilient people in order to inspire and support their family and friends along with the benefits they themselves experience.



Hi, my name is Darren Bruce (me in the picture above with some of our clients), and I am the founder of EMB Strategies.

I have been a personal trainer for close to 14 years, as well as 3 years as a physical training instructor in the military.

I left the military in order to start this business with a strong desire to help more people learn the tools that will make them happy, fit and healthy for a lifetime.

I have found that most people who are usually challenged with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not due to a lack of resources or time, but simply due to a lack of knowledge, support and strategies to manage their day to day life whilst creating habits that help them sleep deeply to recover, eat food that makes them thrive with energy, without stressful restriction, and the 20% of exercises that yield a strong and fit athletic body.

It is my aim to provide these tools, and I go to great lengths to have the knowledge to help you.

I have interviewed some of the world's best dieticians and performance coaches for this reason, which you can listen to HERE.

It is an honour to be a part of the growth I see in someone when they re-associate themselves with their body.

When I see the way that they inspire others around them to be better, when I see them leading the way, it is incredibly fulfilling for me.

Through the scientific education of changing habits, nutrition, movement and recovery, the confidence and progress in people has been proven to be phenomenal.

Tanya (pictured below) is one of our favourite success stories, losing a total of 60 kilo's.

The transformation in this woman, not just physically, but mentally was, and is phenomenal.

She has since inspired many people to take up a regular exercise routine and change eating habits just by being the example, which we love.

You can watch her story here.

Tanya lost 50

Our training is very adaptable to whichever goal you have.

Having been mentored by some of the world's leading performance coaches, the great benefit of this is how much is transferrable to any person with a specific health and fitness goal.


We teach strength training


(Jess, pictured above, is another one of our success stories, coming to us with a chronic back injury and a weight loss goal, she no longer has back pain and now lifts more than her bodyweight, as well as losing more than 20 kilograms.)


Cardiovascular fitness

Scientifically supported diet education and habit change


We also teach you the principles of successful goal setting and achievement to ensure you have the strategy that will get results for you.

What we teach you really depends on your specific goal.


If you:

  • Are committed to achieving what you want.
  • Live in or near Kingscliff
  • Want to get your health and fitness back
  • Are focussed on a specific fitness goal
  • Want to learn more to improve your health
  • Want to look and feel amazing inside and out
  • Want to get rid of stubborn body fat

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All training involves

- A 1 on 1 nutrition and lifestyle consultation so you know what to eat without feeling restricted and having to flip your life upside down to succeed. 

- 24 hours a day, online support group so you can have any question answered and you are held accountable to your goal.

- Access to over 500 recipes.

- Ongoing education to make it easier for your new habits, to become lifetime habits.

Location: 15/25 Saltwater Crescent, Kingscliff

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Please be advised that places are limited.


 We guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the service we provide, you will receive all of your money back, no questions asked.