3 reasons the scales need to go

I remember when I was playing sport and I would set myself goals every time I competed of how many points to score, how many tackles to make, and anything else I could measure from the game.

What this did was got me disappointed when I didn’t reach the exact goal in numbers I’d set, and even worse had me less motivated to keep working at my craft and forgetting the other things that were improving.

Now I’m not saying that this didn’t help, but what I didn’t realize was that if I just focused on the areas that would make me a better all round player, and kept playing games, then it was only a matter of time before I was successful.

You’re probably wondering what the hell does that have to do with staying motivated and tracking weight loss/muscle growth goals with scales?

If you’re tracking your progress with tools that are giving you the wrong information then it could mean quitting before you get to where you want to be.

All of this because of how you were tracking your progress.

This is the reality most aren’t aware of for using scales:

1. False Variables

Particularly for females, body weight can vary for a few different reasons regardless of fat loss or gain, which will effect the number on the scales.

To mention a few of them you have:

A) Water consumed – How hydrated you have been at the time of weighing yourself.

B) Bodily Function – Bathroom intervals and digestion function through bowel movements (we’re all adults here)

C) Menstrual cycles – When it’s that time of the month there will be a varied level of water retention.

2. The motivation factor

As soon as the scales don’t tell you exactly what you want, you question how you can ever continue along on your journey, potentially quitting what your currently doing (e.g exercise, strength training, new low stress routine). For motivation to remain, we consciously need to continuously see and feel a change that we’re experiencing towards a physical goal.

The absolute best way to do this is through a photo of yourself. Every single person who commences their Transformation with EMB must take a photo of their body. Not for anyone else to see, but to refer back to and see the results they’re getting.

This has been monumental in some of our success stories. Bec was struggling in her first week, jumping on the scales every night saying they wouldn’t budge. We got her to get rid of them, 8 weeks later she’d lost more than 6 kg. Jess was stuck above 100 kg and had never been below there until she tracked progress with visuals more than what the scales said and she successfully went below this number.

As soon as you start to experience the journey and find ways to enjoy the work towards your destination, you get staggering results. Being inspired to improve your health & well being is a whole other ball park.

It’s where you as a person become phenomenally connected with what makes you want to jump out of bed and want to passionately pursue. When you do more of this then any health goal becomes easy.

We go through a series of questions to create a permanent intrinsic motivator for our members for this, which we will help you with another time.

3. Muscle

The more muscle you gain, the more you will weigh, providing body fat percentage remains the same. The key point to take out of this is that people will take a photo of their bodies, be heavier on the scales then when they started, but look amazing, more shapely and toned all over their body.

Why? The more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn every day. Even without  factoring exercise in. This is why strength training is vital to any health & fitness goal.

It allows you to become more and more flexible with the foods you eat. Nothing ever needs to be entirely cut out of your eating routine, you just need to understand what portion of real food you need, and what portion of any food you can get away with according to the individual. You combat this by determining the macro-nutrients your body requires based off many determining factors of the individual.

Of course this is part of our system with members because nutrition is 80% of any health & performance goal.

So use the visual measurement of photos for your goals. Your motivation will be so much better for it and you’ll be further on track for your goals.

I wish you phenomenal results in your journey of greater health and want it to benefit all facets of your life so you’re more inspired to get up in the morning and experience life exactly how you want.

EMB Head Coach – Darren Bruce

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Who this isn’t for

People who aren’t committed to getting amazing results for life with their body and fitness.

People who won’t follow the correct education on every area of nutrition, strength, recovery & mindset when it is handed to them

Who this is for

People who are committed, yet have never had an expert coach teach them exercise and smart flexible nutrition so you love your journey to your new body

Someone that just needs the right tools to get to their goal. Whether that be correct strength & conditioning training, or nutrition to maximize those results hand in hand.

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