Ok, first things first. An amazing body IS achievable. You just have more obstacles to overcome. The only thing that will stop you is if you quit. So don’t, and read 3 common mistakes I always see from people struggling to reach their weight loss goal.

1 – “It’s everyone else’s fault”

One thing that many people on their weight loss journey are lacking is accountability. Not necessarily by a friend or coach.

Accountability to themselves by taking 100% responsibility for their body weight, occupation, relationship, annual salary. You name it, you created it, through the choices you did and didn’t make.



You must create the habit of constantly making yourself accountable for what’s going on in your life. Journal all the food you eat for your nutrition. If you’re stressed at work because someone treated you badly, own the fact that you let them make you feel that way and work on better understanding and resolving the issue. Control your emotions.

You want to work on not reacting to situations, but responding.

This is the behavior of someone that doesn’t eat themselves further away from their weight loss goal. Someone that is laser focused on getting what they want, and they demand more of themselves.


In a world where the constant barrage of media marketing wants you to feel better from a rough day at work by having a big juicy tasty flame grilled whopper, or, you just won’t “feel yourself without a Snickers”, you’re in for a battle. They want your money.

They don’t care about you.

YOU have to care about you.


2 – You think eating less is the solution

If you’ve tried this then I can guess some other things you experienced while you lived off 1000 calories a day. You were stressed, tired all the time, secretly hated going out because of how unhappy and tired you felt. Then when you saw no movement on the scales you threw the towel in, had a huge binge to make yourself feel better then started the beginning of your cycle again, perhaps through another “get thin quick” diet.



Learn enough about food so you know whether you gave your body what it needed on a daily basis. We give all of our members this education to understand macro nutrients, how it applies to them, how to hit daily food goals with the flexibility to add in the food you enjoy in moderation, with no side of guilt, every day.

We then create some simple eating habits for you to apply.

Once it becomes part of your daily routine you move onto the next thing.



3 – You don’t think you’ve achieved a thing

If this is you then you never encourage yourself or show appreciation for anything you’ve achieved in the past. This results in you lacking the confidence to speak openly to others and to yourself about what you want out of life.



If you’re too scared to celebrate the wins you’ve already had, then how do you ever expect to get bigger wins in the future? Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Everyone else is too busy managing their own issues to worry about what you’re doing. It is best to sit down and write out everything you’ve accomplished in your life. You’ll be surprised how many things you come up with.


Want life changing results? We will show you the bigger picture on what needs to happen to fast track your best body. Whether it be tone, strength, fitness.

Even a nice perky bum ;).

Complete this form and we’ll help you out with a 5 minute, no pressure chat.



To your best Health & Success,

EMB Head Coach – Darren Bruce

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