4 foods to improve your immune system


It’s been getting freezing lately, and it seems as though most people are dropping like fly’s with the common cold and flu.

The reason can be a low immune system so in order to boost it much faster, probiotics help, ALOT.

What are probiotics?

They usually come in the form of a fermented type of food and they help maintain the trillions of cells that our gut contain (which is also where more than 60% of the feel good chemical serotonin is produced) which is VERY important for many reasons, aside from avoiding a cold.

So here are 4 really easy to get your hands on, probiotic rich foods..


Image result for red sauerkraut

Very popular in Germany, regularly thrown on top their epic snags, you can find this fermented food in a jar possibly in your supermarket, just ask around, or your local health food store.

It will cost you maybe $10 and last you at least a couple of weeks worth of the goods.

A great additive to salads, it has sour taste to it. Delish!


Image result for pickles

Super easy to find in your local supermarket, you know, the green things you see floating in the jar? A great addition to a cheeky cheese and cracker platter (go easy there)


Image result for kombucha

Holy crap I LOVE Kombucha.

It tastes great!

This one may be harder to find, you may have to go to the health food store, but it seems as though it’s creeping up to mainstream.

The only liquid version of probiotic on this list.

I would dare say if you have a lot of processed foods, and try kombucha for the first time, you may feel much “lighter inside your belly” good times.


Image result for chobani plain yogurt

The last one we all know, but make sure you stay away from high sugar yoghurts.

Go for something like greek yoghurt.

There isn’t much added to it at all, and it’s a great thing to put on hot meals, even mixed in with some squeezed lime and paprika.

There it is, enjoy!

Darren “Wants you to crush life” Bruce

Founder of EMB Strategies – Holistic Health and Fitness

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