9 Week Optimal Body Transformation

I can’t tell you how excited I am to start the challenge. Firstly, thank you for choosing to be a part of it! As Director of the business I am absolutely committed to exceeding your expectations of what the next 9 weeks will hold for you. The 9 weeks is divided into 3 different phases. It takes 3 weeks to make a habit so we focus on the three key phases that will get you the most results. Permanently. This is all about transcending from habit into lifestyle. The way it suits you, the individual.

Week 1-3

Nutritional Education and guidance

– You will learn all the factors that need to be taken into consideration when discovering the best nutrition guidelines and expected results, what to eat and how much of it, the most beneficial supplements that can aid in your health & fitness goals. Nutrition is such a vital part of your health goals which is why this is focussed on in the first 3 weeks.

Week 4-6

Strength & Mobility techniques

You will learn how to perform key exercises that will strengthen your body and help prevent future injuries. This educational phase of the training also focuses on key mobility techniques that allow you to not only move more freely, but to provide you strategies to treat future injuries instead of having to rush to a health professional immediately. You will learn the basic of how your budy works and what is happening when pain occurs in certain parts of the body so you can practically apply what you have learnt to help relieve pain all on your own.

Week 7-9

Conditioning Sessions

During the final phase you will be taught different motivating dynamics that can be applied to circuits regardless of whether you have equipment or not. This phase is specifically designed for you to finish and be able to create your own most beneficial calorie smashing conditioning circuits.

You will receive all of these skills and knowledge whilst achieving your greatest results yet through the 9 weeks. More importantly, the challenge is designed so you can walk away being in control of the destiny of your health & wellbeing. This is not a ploy to get you to continue to train with the business. The business is committed to developing people to a level of skills and knowledge so they can confidently continue on with their health & exercise journey alone, if they desire.

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