Look good and feel great with this key exercise


Regardless of your physical goals, the dead lift is up there with the most effective of all exercises.

Here’s why..

Before introducing you to the dead lift, lets explore weights and why you should do them for long term body fat reduction

  • When you move heavy weights, you breakdown muscle which then rebuilds. When that muscle is broken down after you move heavy weights you have a “window of opportunity” so to speak, where these muscles can grow in size.
  • This is helpful because the more muscle you have on your body and the stronger you become, the more fat you will burn on a daily basis. Even when you’re not partaking in exercise

The beauty of this is that weight management just becomes easier and easier the more muscle you build.

Dead lifting is an excellent full body exercise that starts to change the entire shape of your body potentially before any fat loss even occurs if that is your specific goal.

Getting more work done in less time.

No one wants to spend hours upon hours at the gym, and you shouldn’t have to.

The reason the dead lift is so effective is because it works more muscles than almost any resistance exercise.

  •  Hamstrings
  •  Butt
  •  Lower Back
  •  Upper Back
  •  Biceps (arms)
  •  All Abdominal Areas

(This is our star member Bec Deadlifting 120kg. She lost 5kg and 4cm from her waist since beginning with EMB)

Basically, the entire back half of your body will be developed.

Some people will go to the gym and spend an entire session trying to get that amount of work done across a range of different exercises, but once you have the dead lift down pact you are reducing your time in the gym potentially by half and reaping greater physical rewards.

When training with us, we teach absolute beginners to perfect the movement in no time. We have had huge results with people adding 30kg in strength, and massive weight and body size loss during our transformations.

Lower Injury Risk

Another great benefit to the dead lift is that all these parts of your body that are being made to work would otherwise lie dormant for the majority of your day to day lives.

None of the posterior chain (or, back half of your body) is required during every day movements. The majority of what we do only really requires pushing things, aside from when you need to pick something up. And even when we do that if we haven’t learnt the correct technique then we leave ourselves open to an injury that can put us out for weeks or worse.

This is part of the reason why the lower back is where most injuries occur. If you’re someone who isn’t familiar with weight training and you’re not very active (which is the majority of the population) chances are, you have rounded shoulders, tight lower back, tight hips and more. Dead lifts will start to work on your posture which may relieve the pressure on lower back injuries, if done correctly.


I cannot begin to tell you the difference in people I have seen over years of watching many people learn the dead lift and go on to become quite strong in it.

This exercise, when done correctly will help you feel like you can take on the world. As the saying goes, strong mind, strong body.

Well it certainly works in the opposite order as well.

I’ll be honest when I say I have seen this more in women simply because men are generally happy to lift weights and less intimidated by the heavy weights environment.

Those with limited weight training experience have not only had their body transformed, but their body language exudes a more confident “take on the world” demeanor.

After all, anyone with physical goals are just searching for their version of success, and a lot of the time, the deadlift goes a long way to helping people get more of that feeling.

Hopefully we have shown you the light to one of the many key exercises that will get you a lean sexy and strong body ASAP.

If you’d like more information about getting those results with us, apply for our free 14 day trial below.

Happy Training.

By Darren Bruce – EMB Founder

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