Hip Thrusts and Justin Beiber

Picture this, you’re a bro and you’re doing this exercise in the gym. Your friend (also a bro) walks in and gives you a look like you just told him Justin Beiber is a musical genius.. then he proceeds to laugh.

If you’re a trainer of all things physical, saw the cover photo for this blog and all that came to mind was a movement that you performed in the, Ahem.. bedroom, then you need to read this..

I have been in the Fitness Industry for over ten years now and have only recently discovered the benefits of Barbell hip thrusts. Through time working with Strength & Rehab Expert Al Romero, and the discovery of Bret Contreras (more commonly referred to as “The Glute guy”), I started to realise just how vital this movement could be to getting results for athletes who need to develop a greater amount of power, or just your average client looking for strength gains in squats, deadlifts or simply tone and aesthetics (e.g – girls wanting “dat booty” as they say).

Bret provides a hell of a lot of useful information in his articles and what I like most about them is that he’s actually doing scientific testing. He discusses and displays the measurement of muscle fibre activity through electro magnetic testing during different movements and how the Hip Thrust is showing more activation than the squat and the dead lift here. In saying that, don’t think that I am telling you to stop squats and deadlifts. Quite the opposite, and Bret discusses how those two lifts combined with the Hip Thrust can see the most gains.

At the end of the day it really makes sense. You think about the only time your body is in a fixed position where compensation cannot occur for the glutes, that combined with the full extension of the hip with load directly against gravity and you’ve got a winning formula. The only other time I can think of getting that same beneficial movement is when your leg is at the end of range position during a high intensity sprint.

So the next time your friend walks into the weights room and laughs at you because you’re doing a movement he’s only ever done in the, Ahem.. bedroom, he won’t be laughing at the end of your training phase when you’ve gained more plates either side on your lifts and your glutes have completely changed shape and size.

Don’t listen to the Bro science that is being preached out there in your gym. Search for scientifically justifiable information just like Bret is doing. That’s what will get you the best results for your clients which is what all of us trainers really want yes?

Also, you’ll win an argument with a bro 10 times out of 10. Unless of course he beats your ass.. but that will be difficult after all this hip thrust training..

Darren Bruce

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