How juggling improves your well being

Most training sessions we begin with some form of juggling or hand eye coordination, and here’s why:

As the demand for our attention from technology, and our busy lives has increased at a rapid rate, as humans we forget to get lost in the doing of things and obtaining new skills.

However simple these new skills may be.

In fact, something that looks so simple is having a phenomenal affect on the brain that can’t tangibly be seen or felt, though it’s definitely happening.

The usual scene that occurs when teaching juggling is this:

Client arrives for training, client is challenged to attempt to juggle and they say “I can’t juggle”..

60 seconds later they are juggling.

The level of thinking your mind is expanded to will determine just how much of an adventure you will make your life, so every time you do something you think you can’t do, you’re expanding the possibilities of where your potential could take you in anything you choose to do.

It’s also a great stimulus to wake the brain and the body up, as well as the most important thing.

Just remembering to have fun and that movement is not a chore, this is a false belief.

So grab some juggling balls and give it a go.

Here’s a quick tutorial to start you off.

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