How to beat the bulge, even if you’re on holidays

It pretty much goes without saying that at this time of year for a lot of people, it’s almost expected you will gain some weight.

Yet with a few simple changes you can enjoy the festivities without feeling like you’re way behind the eight ball come the new year.

Here are three easy changes you can implement without ruining all the fun.

1. Alcohol

We are not going to get into calories and all that jazz, we want these to be no-brainers.

You’re more likely to stick to them, which is most important.

a) Add either soda water, or diet soft drink to your spirit mixer drink, along with 1/4 of the usual mixer. The majority of damage is done with the soft drink additives that go into spirit drinks.

b) For every two drinks, have one small glass of water so you’re not overly dehydrated making you feel thirsty and attempting to nourish that thirst with more alcohol.

That’s it!

2. Move

Move every day!

How do we make this easier instead of seeing it as a chore?

a) Take a friend for a chat outside.

Make it a social event.

Studies have shown that your body will not hold onto as much fat if you get it moving immediately after you have had a meal.

b) Buy a frisbee, hacky sack, juggling balls, cricket bat, tennis ball, bocce balls, paper airplanes or football.

Always ask the question, how can I make this fun?

Google/youtube will go a long way to finding a great idea.

3. Fill up on protein first

a) Whatever meal is in front of you, if you go for the nutrient dense source of protein first, it will satisfy some of your bodies needs, which will curb that feeling of wanting to eat more and more.

b) If you’re of the opinion that “healthy” food has to taste terrible, then you clearly haven’t tried our lasagne.

Search for a new meal from many healthy eating sources that seems achievable to you, and aligns with what kind of protein, fat, carbohydrate you have enjoyed in the past, then make it.

One of the most important traits of people that have a healthy, lean lifestyle is that they have enough exciting ideas of what they like to cook that keeps them lean and energetic.


If you’re thinking of cutting off every treat you can get your hands on to lose the weight, you’ll be making it harder for yourself than it has to be.

Simple changes are the fastest way to change your life forever.

You won’t always see a shift on the scales, and it’s not about that.

It is a commonly perpetuated false belief that progress is about seeing a change in your body.

Progress is about changing habits.

Enjoy yourself these holidays and work on that balance of moderation, and what your body needs to thrive.


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Good Luck and stay safe in the holidays!



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