How to control your actions

Around 6 months ago I had a revelation when observing an incredibly successful person online.

I noticed that there was something he was doing that very few do in this world.

He spoke about how most people hate having to have the awkward conversation that needs to happen with friends, family or business-related interactions.

This guy revelled in these experiences.

He knew that in order to be incredibly successful you need to do what others won’t.

Flipping every challenging situation on it’s head by attacking it with positive action did this.

In that moment, I simply made a DECISION to approach all situations that I may have cringed at, or tried to avoid in the past, like I looked forward to them. Like they were my favourite thing.

I then applied that to any situation that arose that was unexpected in my life, and herein lies the revelation.

I found that by having the tough conversations, being honest with myself, and responding to unexpected challenges anywhere in my life immediately with constructive action, was transformational.

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The conversations I now have are enriched because I look forward to giving as much honesty as I can.

My self-belief and confidence grows every time any of these challenges come my way because I continue to flick my response switch on, and react constructively straight away.

I think when you are trying to get out of a rut with exercise and diet, it’s the same.

Making a decision in one instant can change everything for you.

Think about the past instances in which you succeeded.

It wasn’t like the stars aligned and it wasn’t the perfect time to start a new routine or take action, or make a change.

You just made that decision.

It’s important to know that you are in the driver’s seat at all times, and it doesn’t matter how bad things are with your health, workplace, relationships, you name it.

Just decide, and be honest.

Not only with yourself but others.

Too many times I speak to people who are being so hard on themselves with where their health is currently.

Someone’s behaviour towards themselves is a hugely underestimated part of the process of long term health.

If you’re overweight or feeling down for whatever reason, then give yourself a break.

You’re not perfect.

Stop trying to be.

Achieving a healthier body is about setting up a solid plan, with great support & guidance, then letting go of expectations like “what if the scales don’t say the right number”, “I can’t see any changes”, “I feel like a failure”.

If you have the right guidance then it will happen.

So tell me, what are you deciding to change today to make tomorrow better?

Darren Bruce,

Founder of EMB

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