How to train like the world’s greatest fitness model

This blog is literally something I wrote to a friend who wants to pack muscle on and train like the world champion fitness model you see above, Andreia Brazier. My friend had obtained the training regime that Andreia is currently doing and asked for my advice on the program.


Here are a few key things that will control the results you get:

1. Volume

Generally speaking, people who are training for muscle growth will do roughly 9-12 sets per body group, per session. This is recommended by the Industry. Now I know you might be training for specific muscular shape and tone which is obviously different, and I believe you could handle a greater volume when doing that due to possibly less neural fatigue in higher rep activity.

Example I once “TRIED” to follow a program that I was given by a friend who I knew for a fact, was injecting “supplements” that were usually given to horses. Not to mention the amount he was taking would probably kill one. This program consisted of 25 sets per session! I got nowhere near it, I was pushing as hard as I could to get there in the sessions, and I could only manage up to 15 sets at best. Point being is that Andreia is highly conditioned to this training, so I would suggest for the least waste of time, do the first session and if you can’t get all the way through with challenging resistance, then just decrease the amount of sets off every exercise by 1 or 2.

That way the eventual increase in sets to Andreia’s standard can be the test of objectives for improvement. In saying all of this perhaps you are just a machine like her already!

2. Recovery

Kayla.. recover! I know you like to go for walks and you’re generally a really active person. You need to cut that shit out or if you keep doing it make it a non taxing stroll, not up a hill! Exercising for longer periods of time at low intensity will make it much harder to get your muscle increase and/or tone gains because of the catabolic effect long moderate intensity cardio has on you and the greater amount of food or protein you’ll need to intake.

Moral of the story – Stick to high intensity cardio. Just destroy yourself for ten minutes at full throttle and that’s it.

3. Technique

Shit Reps get Shit Results” The Strength Sensei himself, Charles Poliquin said this, and he was right.

People who train every muscle specifically will have so many intricate technique and tempo tricks they throw into these exercises, so you need to find someone who has trained like this before, and someone who got results. Then you need to either pay them to teach you, or blush your eyelids and giggle incessantly whilst Channelling Marilyn Monroe, in order to gain their valuable time for free.

4. Nutrition

“You can’t out train a poor diet”

I’ve said it a lot of times now, but people still seem to be getting it wrong.. so I keep saying it! I’m not one for counting calories all on your own, but if you are training for optimal gains in order to compete then it is going to be vital. The best suggestion I can make is to hire a trainer with this experience for an eating plan that is going to take into consideration how much energy your expending on top of your regular daily foodie needs.

So there you have it,


– Darren Bruce


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