*Is a dead kangaroo keeping you fat?*
Years ago, I was having trouble at work.
Myself, and the rest of my co-workers HATED our boss.
Couldn’t stand him.
He didn’t listen, everything was about him, and he was micro managing the crap out of us.
But we felt helpless because it seemed that no one could get through to him and none of us wanted to have THAT conversation.
Until, one day, a wise old man who worked nearby told us the story of the dead kangaroo.
He said “Imagine if I came and dropped a dead kangaroo here in the office and just left it here?
And you didn’t do anything about it.
When you needed to leave the office, you just walked around it.
You avoided it at all costs?
What do you think would happen to that kangaroo?
As time goes by it rots, and it festers.
It starts to smell the entire room out until it becomes unbearable”
he said to us..
“If you don’t deal with this issue with your boss, that’s what will happen.
The situation will rot and fester until it becomes unbearable”.
And it got me to thinking about how this relates to anything and everything.
When it comes to diet, are you making great changes, but avoiding the issues that will make the biggest difference?
For example, are you keeping your environment the same?
Is your dead kangaroo the same food habits sitting in your fridge and cupboard whilst you’re trying to make a change for your health?
If the answer is yes, how can you be expected to avoid and move away from the very things that are associated with your old habits and within an arms reach of your living area and everyday environment?
You can’t.
Much like the relationship someone needs to get out of, or the job, or the friend they need to get away from, we’ve got to start with the root cause of these things, and get them away from us if we want any chance of creating change that sticks.
Change that grows strong roots.
Change that grows over time until it flourishes into your every day habits that extend and enrich your life, as well as those around you.
With Health, Wealth or Happiness, ensure you’re removing the dead kangaroo out of the room so instead of being in an environment that’s slowly decaying, it’s thriving and growing and producing the results your after.

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