Refund & Returns Policy

Direct debit payments

Direct Debit payments (DD) – Members are required to nominate either Bank Account or Credit Card details.

It is the member’s responsibility to nominate a valid account and to have sufficient cleared funds in the nominated account to permit a successful debit to be made each fortnight. Refer to Direct Debit Request Authority.

You acknowledge that the DD fee installments detailed will be payable on the dates detailed to you upon the 9 week program commencement date.

Should you default on a DD payment you will be charged a double direct debit the next payment date.

Members are committed to the ‘term’ of the contract relative to the service type taken out (9 weeks of DD payment)

If you chose to not use the facilities of EMB Strategies you will still have money deducted as per the 9 week contract agreement.

This amount is not refundable or able to be stopped throughout the 9 week term (or agreed upon term length)

Upon providing your details to us you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions noted above.

If you have any further queries regarding our payment or refund policy please contact our managing director Darren Bruce at