Tanya’s Transformation

Tanya’s EMB Strategies Story from The Story Space on Vimeo.

Tanya’s EMB Strategies Story

 Watch and listen to Tanya’s deeply personal story about her former life as a morbidly obese person. Suffering from constant heartburn, sinus headaches and high-blood pressure, even parking the car and walking into the office took a lot out of her. Confronted by a medical recommendation for surgery to deal with her obesity, poor health and depressive state, Tanya knew it was time to take action and face what she’d been in denial of.

 Scared of being judged about her weight and having no idea about what her body could and couldn’t do, Tanya was tentative yet intrigued to see what EMB Strategies was all about. In this short video, the Tanya of today talks about how she feels now having been through the EMB program. She reflects on her remarkable journey to better health and wellbeing, stating the support network and positive attitudes of her fellow EMBers (among other things) have all contributed to her realising she was not alone and she is worthy.

 Now having lost nearly 50 kilograms and gained an understanding of the nutritional value of food, Tanya is particularly grateful for EMB’s holistic approach to improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and personal health of clients. She sincerely hopes sharing her story will help others who relate to her aspirations for a better life. 

To learn more about what EMB involves, click HERE.

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