A testimonial from the incredible April Mack.
April was looking to lose the last few kilo’s, she had tried alot without any success.


 Tegan’s Testimonial

“The whole EMB crew are such an amazing group of people, whom I cannot praise enough; from the very first day I joined the group everyone was so warm, welcoming and supportive of myself and each other.

Darren’s knowledge is second to none, and you can truly see his genuine passion for helping people shine through.

Training at EMB I have gained so much knowledge re: training and nutrition, and immensely improved my training techniques – which in turn has transformed my body in such a short period of time.

The workouts are always varied, fun and social, and I honestly enjoy getting up and coming to training each morning – starting my day with pumping endorphins, surrounded by such amazing people is the greatest feeling.

Thanks for everything Darren, you’re a legend!”


Kirsty transform

Kirsty’s Testimonial

“Got my abs checked at the work health clinic this morning ~ down to 2 finger spaces at the widest point 1 finger space at the closest point

Been 6 years at 4 finger space nothing has ever helped and its not like i didn’t try.. i’m amazed i seriously think its the Monday weights sessions that have helped the most, only thing i have never tried, so glad.. my backs not sore anymore i feel way more supported made a huge difference to the way i feel…



Renee’s Testimonial

Thank you Darren! For all your support and guidance.

From 32% body fat down to 27% and from 63kg down to 56kg.

Happy with the weight, want more muscle :).

– Renee


darren and samSam’s Testimonial

What I’ve gained in the process can’t really be quantified. I love my newly discovered muscles, my strength and my body shape and tone.

But I think the biggest gains are mental – confidence in my abilities, confidence to try new activities and understanding that it’s my perception (mind) that holds me back.

Through our training sessions, Darren Bruce sets me physical challenges through which I have developed both physical strength and capability, as well as developed mental strength. These challenges have helped me to move out of my often negative head space.

Together we have worked out strategies to help my move pass any resistance that arises from time to time.I have just completed my 12 week program with Darren. From the first training session Darren was professional, knowledgeable and motivated. His drive and determination rubbed off on me and made me want to achieve as much as I could. These 12 weeks have given me strength, energy and a positive outlook for the future, without Darren’s help I would not be where I am today. I would recommend Darren to anyone who wants to better them selves, not just for a certain amount of weeks but for a lifetime.

I strongly value Darren Bruce’s focus  and attention, he’s always fully present while training me (I’ve had past experiences with other trainers where this was not always the case), always showing me the correct form for particular activity and monitoring and correcting my performance.

Darren Bruce is always willing to talk about the difficulties I have had, particularly with overcoming mental barriers.

My journey has been important to me, is important to me; and if my experience/story can help others to access you, as a facilitator of weight loss and fitness and strength and good health.

Then that is worthwhile.

My weight loss journey has a little way to go. I’m happy Darren Bruce is a continuing part of my journey.

Sam lost just under 40kg.

– Sam



Kay hydes

Kayla’s Testimonial

Darren from EMB Strategies has helped me grow over the past year. We first started working together when I became stuck with my training and started to plateau.

Darren not only supported my fitness goals but also helped me overcome the setbacks I had created for myself. No questions were ever too difficult, and the advice I’ve been given has always been carefully researched & specifically tailored for me.

 Being a single mum and juggling multiple roles, I made a lot of excuses as to why I couldn’t take my fitness career further.

I’ve now grown so comfortable in turning to Darren for everything health & fitness related. The fitness industry can be daunting & overwhelming,

with so many different opinions & information out there. Darren is truly passionate about the industry and helping people to become the best they can be. There is no quick fix, but with Darren’s advice & guidance achieving my goals became a possible reality.
Looking for results – use Darren. You are sure to have a positive outcome & I can’t thank him enough for helping me to be where I am today.

– Kayla


Jess’s Testimonial

Darren has been doing conditioning sessions with me for 6 weeks.He can easily put together a versatile  program if you have any injuries or special requirements.

Our sessions are usually circuit based and really push me to my limits.In my time training with Darren my cardio fitness, strength and endurance has improved beyond words!!

I look forward to our sessions and always feel accomplished afterwards.

I’m your typical ‘complainer’ client, and he doesn’t give me the chance to because I’m so focused on the work-out at hand!Thank you Darren for proving the impossible







I honestly can not express my gratitude to Darren enough for the results, coaching, motivation, challenges and mentoring 

he has provided me with as a PT. I have been pretty active my entire life but had finally reached that threshold where I was no longer getting results

or improving on my existing strength and fitness.

I was also pretty skeptical when looking for a PT as I know the market is flooded with PTs who are inexperienced, lacking knowledge, and the passion, determination and drive to help others that Darren embodies.

So when I began working with Darren I was absolutely stoked to find someone who obviously had the knowledge and experience to not only help me get through an incredible training session and help me vastly improve my strength and conditioning, but was also enabling me to smash goals when training on my own.Pull ups, push ups, dead lifts, bench press, squats…I have seen massive improvements in my strength and endurance,and what is especially exciting is that this is only the beginning.

Train with this guy, his passion for helping you will enable you to achieve things you didn’t believe possible.

Darren you are a champ! Thank you!


– Sarah



I was immediately intimidated by the photos of fit looking people doing boot camp and thought it was definitely not something I would be able to do.

Shortly afterwards I came across a flyer advertising the 9 Week transformation, which I thought could be an option for me. I contacted Darren with a list of about 30 questions (no exaggeration), which he answered patiently and professionally. I then thought about it for a few days and called him again with another 20 questions. Again, he was generous with his time and his knowledge. I think I may have called him a third time before I finally decided to sign on. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement.

I had not really exercised consistently for some time and my emotional eating was out of control – I ate when I was sad, stressed, happy, tired, bored… I felt like if I didn’t take control of my health now I would severely limit my quality of life – plus I couldn’t bare the thought of not fitting into my clothes!  

Despite all of this, I sat in my car for 5 minutes the very first day of training and deliberated whether I really wanted to go in and put myself through what I thought would surely be torture.

I am happy to report that I have completed the first round and have just started on the second round. My goal for the first round was to be consistent with my training by turning up to all sessions.

This round I am going to focus on my nutrition, where there is a lot of room for improvement. I feel so much healthier, stronger and have so much more energy. I am also pleasantly surprised at my own (minor) achievements – I like to call them my World Records – just being able to do something you thought was way out of your reach is extremely satisfying.

Darren is very knowledgeable and creates a non-threatening positive environment in his classes. I find his approach consistently positive and supportive. I’ve met some lovely people who inspire and motivate me to continue to improve my way of life.

I am looking forward to a healthy future. Thank you Darren for your knowledge, support and positivity!


– Manuela


I recently gave birth to my second son and after a few too many delicious muffins while pregnant I wanted to get back into running and shed the extra kilos.
Empower Mind & Body was recommended to me by some intensely happy people who had just finished one of their Saturday morning boot camps, and I am so thankful for that recommendation!

I started training with Darren in June, it has been fantastic and hard, mostly fantastic.

After six weeks, I am getting some amazing results, my friends and family are commenting on my health and happiness – I love it!

When I started training with Darren he asked me what I wanted to achieve. He has worked hard to help me improve my running speed and endurance. Whilst I have appreciated Darren’s effort, patience and support to achieve the goals I identified when I started, it is the motivation and mental strength  I take to other aspects of my life that I am keenly grateful for.

Like the people who recommended Darren to me, I would recommend Darren to others (and I do, constantly!).

I am stronger, healthier and looking forward to lifting another 10 kilos (when we started I couldn’t do a push up & now I am on my way to my first chin up!).

I am already planning the next step and EMB continues to be an integral part of my health and fitness journey.

– Sian


 Being a Health Ambassador for Empower Mind and Body and taking part in the 9 Week Body Challenge has elevated my health  and fitness to new level.

I started the program with the goal to fully rehabilitate from my knee reconstruction and I achieved well beyond that! My overall muscle tone and functional strength improved, I developed confidence to squat and jump properly again (to the extent where I am doing twists and turns on the ski slopes with no pain!), I have learnt new nutrition techniques and am encouraged to eat and be healthy everyday.

However, the best part was that I met amazing people along the way, Darren and the other ambassadors provided a friendly and supportive place to train. I look forward to achieving more of my health and fitness goals with EMB strategies and recommend the programs to anyone who would like to take charge of their life and be the best person (inside and out) they can be. 

– Zainab





Darren has been working with me on improving my strength and agility of which has improved immensely and so has my body shape and attitude towards training.  I have honestly never felt fitter and stronger and better educated in my life and I have always been someone to train a lot.

When I first started training with Darren I did not even really know what a dead lift was and used to look at people in the gym and wonder why they did them, same with powerlifting and other strength type exercises, my whole mindset has changed – I’ll admit I have been converted from a cardio junkie!
I’m specifically training for an upcoming Australian Oztag Championship Competition and I am excited to see the benefits of the intensive training that we have been doing.  Darren has tailored training for me to improve things like speed, agility, endurance and strength.
Darren has a very approachable, engaging, warm and friendly manner, he has an ability to make everyone feel completely comfortable in an environment that can be intimidating for people trying something for the first time.  His advice is second to none and I absolutely love training with him!! and look forward to reaching more goals under his guidance.
If you want results from someone that cares and wants to help you change your body, mindset and overall wellbeing – then Darren is the trainer for you!

– Renee

From the first training session Darren was professional, knowledgeable and motivated.

His drive and determination rubbed off on me and made me want to achieve as much as I could.

These 12 weeks have given me strength, energy and a positive outlook for the future, without Darren’s help I would not be where I am today.

I would recommend Darren to anyone who wants to better them selves, not just for a certain amount of weeks but for a lifetime.

– Steph