The 3 Biggest Lies in Fitness your local gym doesn’t want you to know

DISCLAIMER: What I’m about to say may rock your world. I can assure you though that I have changed hundreds of people’s lives with the following information and I also may just care more than you do about your health, and whatever it is you currently have your sights set on achieving.

Wasted time and money.

This is all I see throughout mainstream gyms to what the actual desired outcome is.

What am I talking about?


For most people it goes like this, you sign up for a gym, get a walk through of the place, have enough of a conversation to get you excited about how good it’s going to be to get the body you dream of by finally shifting that extra weight. And then..

You start to attend the gym, intimidated by others, comparing yourself to every one. Looking through a jungle of machines that you have no idea where to start with. You feel uncomfortable asking for help and even when you do, the trainer on shift hasn’t really given you the full solution of what you should be doing right in the weights room or at the dinner table.

We seem to have so little time for anything these days. And for the people who do find the time to make it to the gym, they simply trust that the direction they’ve chosen to take things is getting them into the shape they want to be in as fast as possible, right?

And this is why this frustrates me when I know how many people are doing just the opposite of what they’d like to be doing. Making the most of their precious time and money.

These are the 3 biggest lies I see spread by the average corporate gym or the majority of people with health/any goals.

1. I’m not exercising enough to lose weight.

Have a conversation with a knowledgeable coach and you will probably surprise them by saying this.

When the correct food is consumed on a consistent basis, body fat percentage will remain very low, regardless of the physical activity you have partaken in.  Sure exercise is a vital part of weight loss especially if your metabolism has been suffering, yet this will never be more important then the food you  consume.

2. Group exercise classes will get you the body you see in the magazines

Quite possibly the most unknown fact of people that are into exercise would have to be that the quality of what you are doing is always more important than the quantity.

In group exercise classes, doing half squats, the same exercise for an entire song with a small weight you can do 100 times will not result in you getting the firm butt you want.

When the squat is not performed to the point where your legs go below parallel the glutes are not engaged which leads to lower back problems, no change in muscle shape or size in the glutes, a movement pattern that places continuous pressure on the knees and front of the body which is what plays a huge part in many obtaining shin splints, knee pain and general tightness in the front of the lower body.

Regardless of the range of the movement, if you are not pushing or pulling weights so heavy that you can only do anywhere from 1 to 12 at complete exhaustion (you literally cannot do the 13th because you are exhausted from the heavy weight).

The ideal range for building muscle whilst improving strength and losing weight is actually a weight that you can lift no more than 5 times in 1 set.

The upside is you only need to master a handful of strength exercises to work every muscle in your body like this. Start with the bench press, dead lift, squat (full depth), and the chin up. All that time you spend at the gym working the smaller muscles on the body can be saved while work is still being done in these muscles through the previously suggested ones.

3. My diet worked, I lost weight and then I put it back on

If this is you, then what you actually experienced was the science of motivation. In order to maintain motivation you need to see and/or feel a change. The reason that a fad diet is still very profitable and most haven’t figured out that they do much more damage than good (psychologically/emotionally as well as physically), is because when we experience a new change that promises a specific result and we start to see or feel a perceived change then our motivation is high. This is a false experience of motivation. By thinking you are on track you have convinced yourself to make progress. Here lies the tricky part and why the psychology of weight loss is most important:

A. You aren’t experiencing real results

The human body can only reduce body fat by 0.5kg to 1kg roughly per week. When someone experiences a greater loss in body weight, it is potentially a lack of water within the body due to a restriction of carbohydrates which then results in an eventual feeling of being tired, strung out emotionally, and if you are an emotional eater, how do you think you will react when breaking point comes about?

B. You’ve seen a big change FAST

The real truth here is that, every magazine and piece of media you see tells you that you can get progress very very quickly. I have helped someone lose 35kg in 8 months and she has worked her ass off every week, had emotional breakthroughs, had setbacks and still turns up every time taking each day as it comes. Because she’s excellent. And this is how you need to be if you want this change for good. You need to enjoy the journey and realize that this is going to take a lot of damn hard work. Yet when did you ever achieve anything worth doing without work? We strive for perfection not to achieve perfection, that will never be so. We strive to achieve excellence, because we create a habit of always turning up. Even on the worst days.

C. Responsibility

You actually know this diet won’t work long term but the idea of facing the daunting task of making a change that may take months or years is too much to handle, because you want it all now. What if you did wake up tomorrow with the body and the life that you wanted? Would you no longer have the challenging areas of life you face today? You would. Real change comes from within, and the journey you take to make a great, hard, tough change is what changes you to be the better person you want to be. Embrace the journey. That’s all you are, and will ever be on.

Why is this happening?

The Coach vs. The Trainer explained

When you walk into a gym and see a trainer, you think they are the expert. When I walk into a gym and see a trainer, I know within 15 seconds that they are far from it. Firstly because I’ve been that person and had absolutely no idea what I was doing for years. I had a piece of paper that said different, but this piece of paper didn’t mean a thing until I put the work in to become a coach.

A trainer can’t tell you why you are doing said exercise.

A coach can tell you why you’re doing the exercise, how it’s benefiting the exact physical outcome you’re after, where you’re going to progress to from here and why.

A trainer tells you what to do.

A coach shows you why you should do it. They inspire you to take action, because your life will be better for the action taken.

A trainer doesn’t care

A coach cares more than you do. A coach believes in you when you don’t. They see greater potential than you have ever seen in your entire life, and they live and they breathe to bring it out in you so you can become more than you ever dreamed of. I’ve watched my dad never take full responsibility for the role he played in not achieving the things he set out to do. This is one of the things that has driven me to show you why you need to value your health so highly, you need to step up and play a higher game in life.

Any problem is solvable and you’re going to get what ever you want, you just have to be prepared to work for it long enough to see all the hard work snow ball until one day you look back and you don’t even recognize yourself.

There is never going to be a right time to make a change or take action to get your goal. What a tragedy it would be to live a life that doesn’t reflect the absolute best version of yourself.

In closing..

To truly create a physique you are extremely proud of you will have to get strong. You’ll have to step up to that bar with as much weight as you can handle, and get to work.

To break the habit of food you’ve had your entire life it’s going to take discipline and sacrifice. You’re going to need to change a couple of things a week, maybe less.

To get all this you need a coach. It could be me it could be a close friend or a family member. It just needs to be someone that does all of the above.

All that’s left for you to do now is simply make a decision. Whatever your goal is, you want it bad enough that you’re going to be 100% committed to getting it, and it’s as good as done.

Darren Bruce is the founder of EMB Strategies. A health & well being company with the objective to have a positive, exponential effect on the global health epidemic the world currently faces. EMB aim to provide you with the tools to lead an empowered life of abundance in health and fulfilment.


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