Why people yo-yo diet

Have you ever lost a lot of weight, then put it all back on?

I’ve seen it many times.

Quite often someone has come to me and told me they want to lose weight for a wedding, an upcoming holiday, or a significant event in their life. They start to get in shape. They do it really well, and quickly. I’ve seen them lose upwards of 10 kilo’s in a couple of months. Three months down the track it’s all back on.

How the hell did that happen?

Why didn’t they keep doing what they were doing?

Why do they fall back into their old ways?

And that’s what I want to talk to you about.

The reason we do things matter more than we think. When these reasons aren’t congruent with who we are, and what we REALLY value, long term change is rarely achieved.

I’m talking about finding out what’s most important to you, and starting to see how much better those things will become when your health improves.

Here’s an example


When a parent display’s a lack of action, discipline, and whatever else is required to hit a health and fitness goal they are working towards, they still do this in other areas of their life.


A parent might think of themselves as lazy because they aren’t getting fit and eating well, and at the same time they get up in the middle of the night because their kids can’t sleep.

Is this the behaviour of a lazy person?


The truth is that no one is lazy, and anyone who passes that judgement on someone, doesn’t really have a clue what is important to that person.

It’s what we ‘think’ is important to us, that we focus on.

When I meet someone who is struggling with their health, I know what’s most important to them more than they do themselves. This is a consistent common thread with someone who is stressed, over consuming food and other detrimental habits.It’s undeniable to me that the big issue here is a person’s huge lack of self awareness.

Let me elaborate quickly.

What people think is important really isn’t.

Most think they need to look like someone on a magazine cover in order to be happy.

Physical perfection and happiness couldn’t be more separate if they tried.

Most think money makes them happy.

With mo’ money comes mo’ problems. Guaranteed.

These false values make people take actions that aren’t congruent to what they want.

Step 1 for real change

Learn what your life is demonstrating.

The quality of questions determine the quality of life you have.

What do you love to learn about?

It could be blogs, books, youtube videos, documentaries, movies that you find interesting.

What are your weekend hobbies?

What do you always find time for?

What are your most consistent long term goals?

What do you fill your room and workplace with?

Step 2 for real change

You have to become aware of how much better the things you already value will be, IF:

  • You prepare your food on the weekend
  • You park a bit further away from the office and walk
  • You get up earlier to have breakfast.
  • You join a gym
  • You find a work out buddy
  • You choose protein and veggies, FOLLOWED by a small slice of cake.
  • You go to bed earlier
  • You drink water first when you feel hungry or tired
  • Other things that represent a balanced lifestyle.

You MUST ask yourself:

“How is life going to be better for me when I wake up looking and feeling better than I ever have?”

Step 3 for real change

Start writing

When you wake up with your health and life exactly like you want it to be, what has changed? What are the benefits? List them and once you’ve written out fifty, you’re getting somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect diet or best exercise program.

If you can’t tell me why you want to change your life, then it probably won’t happen.

“I just want to tone up” or “I want to get fitter” just won’t do if you have a substantial amount of weight to shift.

When we change the reason we do things, we start to feel emotions stir within us that give us the drive to achieve anything we set our mind to.

When I’ve made people more aware of this, I’ve seen the motivation, and inspiration in their eyes. Everything changes. It’s almost like they light up a bit more. They have more clarity.

12308313_1648052558777813_8720842757329042516_nThe image you see above is of Jess. She has kept the weight off and continues to progress. Jess had bulging discs in her back when she started training. We fixed that and as you can see she’s stronger than most now with a 130kg deadlift, has lost 20 kilo’s of body fat, and packed on muscle.

So get your pen and pad and start writing. Do you really want to feel like this for the rest of your life? Change is hard, but it’s worth it. Start believing you can do it. More importantly, start.

PS – I wrote this because I want at least one person to be inspired and empowered. To step up and take action. If you’re reading this, and you can relate, then maybe things seem tough when it comes to where your health is at.

But you know what’s worse? Continuing to do the same thing.

You deserve better than that.

Take it one step at a time and one day you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.

Please join me in believing you can do it.

Darren Bruce,

Founder of EMB Strategies – Empower Mind & Body


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